School Learning



Faith who:

  • have a meaningful relationship with God through prayer

  • actively participate in, and attend, Mass regularly

  • understand the teachings of the Catholic Church and respect the dignity of life

Action who:

  • have a commitment to volunteerism in our community and our world

  • work with others cooperatively and effectively

  • live the teachings of Christ and teach them to others

Integrity who:

  • demonstrate self-control and take responsibility for their actions

  • show compassion and respect for others, the law, and persons of authority

  • exhibit positive self-esteem, self-confidence, and leadership skills

Thought who:

  • strive to reach their greatest academic potential and become lifelong learners

  • listen, write, speak, and use technology effectively

  • exhibit effective organization, research, and critical thinking skills

Health who:

  • respect and care for their God-given bodies

  • exhibit the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a healthy mind and body

  • appreciate and participate in fine arts, music, and athletics