In addition to outstanding academic programs, St. Dominic School offers a number of programs and extracurricular activities to further enrich our students’ Catholic education in keeping with our philosophy of educating the whole child.

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Field Trips

Field trips are designed to supplement and enrich the classroom curriculum.  Each year, classes at St. Dominic School attend a number of educational field trips related to their studies in Social Studies, the Arts, and Science.  Along with teachers and instructional aides, parent volunteers provide supervision on field trips.

Generally, field trips occur during the school day and last from a few hours to most of the school day.  Classes usually travel by chartered bus or with parent drivers to their destination.  Each class has a budget for field trip expenses.  Some classes take walking field trips to local spots.

Fourth Graders attend a three-day camp at Coloma Outdoor Discovery School in Coloma, CA.


Sixth Graders attend a weeklong Outdoor Science Camp at Walker Creek Ranch in Marin County.

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Foreign language instruction is offered to students in grades one through eight at St. Dominic School.  Spanish instruction focuses on conversational Spanish.

Students acquire language skills through listening, speaking, and writing practice.  Emphasis is placed on vocabulary and conversational skills.  Many students become well versed in Spanish and are eligible to enter Spanish II as freshmen in high school.

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St. Dominic School uses new technology to support the School-Wide Learning Expectations and the school’s mission.  Kindergarten through Second Grade share individual Chromebooks and iPads to learn important foundational skills.  Grades Third through Eighth have a one-to-one program utilizing iPads or Chromebooks.

Students engage in various learning experiences such as educational programs such as IXL, internet-based research, writing, and the creation of various kinds of presentations/projects using Google Applications, Movie Makers, Coding Programs, etc.  Teachers also use the interactive white boards to enhance learning and differentiate instruction while integrating technology into the classroom curriculum.


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Physical Education 

St. Dominic students actively participate in Physical Education each week.  Our P.E. teacher is dedicated to providing active and challenging classes for each grade level.  Students participate in gross motor movement, learn the rules of organized playground and court games, learn about nutrition and health, and are encouraged to be physically active in their lives.  Upper graders also participate in the Presidential Fitness testing each year. 


Students have P.E. uniforms which they wear instead of their regular school uniform on the days that they have P.E.

St. Dominic School’s Physical Education Program has great local community support with organizations including Jamba Juice and the Benicia Police Officers Association offering their time and money to help us educate our children.  Our P.E. teacher also involves our school in community service each year with student participation in Jump/Hoops for Heart, which raises funds for the American Heart Association.

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Another wonderful program at St. Dominic School is the Music program.  Our music teacher, who is also our Liturgy Coordinator, brings the gift of music to our students.  Each class in Grades K-8 has weekly instruction in music – either choral or instrumental.  Students learn music to perform during the liturgy they lead as well as for upcoming seasonal celebrations.

Band/orchestra is also offered for students seeking further musical expression.  Our school music teacher leads the band/orchestra, which meets before school in the Parish Hall for practice.

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