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Our Academic Program

St. Dominic School is committed to providing a quality academic program that fosters critical thinking and competency in verbal and nonverbal skills in a Christ-centered environment.  It is the school’s goal to meet the individual needs of each student, as much as possible, through a variety of learning experiences, and to facilitate the development of the student’s knowledge and organizational skills in order to achieve an integrated and structured understanding of information.  St. Dominic School focuses on the needs of the whole child as a valued and respected unique member of God’s family.  Children are encouraged to develop and enhance their individual talents through a variety of academic and specialized programs offered at SDS.  St. Dominic School offers one class per grade level, each which accommodates up to 38 students.

Grades 1 to 5

Grades 1-5 are self-contained, each with one full-time credentialed teacher and an instructional aide.  Enrichment teachers come into the classroom for instruction, with the exception of fair-weather PE, which is held outside.  Students attend computer classes in the computer lab, which has a full-time computer teacher/technology coordinator.  The curriculum at St. Dominic School is implemented according to the Diocese of Sacramento Standards, which meet or exceed California State Standards.

Click here to learn more about the basic curriculum at the Diocese of Sacramento website.

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Grades 6 to 8

Our Junior High program consists of students in Grades 6-8.  Students have a homeroom and move from class-to-class for different subjects taught by different teachers.  In addition to subject-area credentialed teachers, there is classroom and student support provided by two teacher aides.

Daily Schedule

Our entire school community begins each week with an assembly which includes prayer, flag salute, information sharing by the members of our Student Council, an explanation of the week’s Gospel message, and words from the Principal or Administrative Team.


The daily schedule at SDS includes morning and lunchtime recess.  A regular day is scheduled from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday – Thursday.  Regular dismissal time on Fridays is 2:00 p.m., with certain Fridays scheduled for dismissal at 12:15 p.m.

We offer a hot lunch program, available for purchase each week.

The academic program at St. Dominic School is supported by professional and caring teachers who foster understanding and respect for the values of our Catholic community.

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The curriculum at St. Dominic School adheres to the standards for the State of California and the Diocese of Sacramento.  Students in Grades 1-8 receive daily instruction in the following core subjects:


Language Arts (Reading, Phonics, Literature, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing)

Math (Grades 4-5, two groupings; Grades 6-8, three groupings)

Social Studies


Specialized teachers offer weekly enrichment opportunities in:




Physical Education


Throughout the year, classes attend educational field trips as an extension to our core curriculum, and the school often provides engaging assemblies for our students.

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